Training is available at all levels

Yearling are brought in to the barn twice a year for a few days and taught more about grooming and life and activity in the stable atmosphere. By following this schedule as a yearling, a two year old young horse is confident and the saddle training and backing goes smoothly.

Two year olds are broke to the saddle and ridden for the first time. Those that are to go on to be hunters or jumpers are introduced to the jumping chute where they are exposed to very small fences in a win-win manner. Three year olds come in to the training barn twice during the year and are ridden under tack. During the spring they review the lessons learned as a two year old. In late fall they are brought in and ridden longer as well as individual turn-out during the day. Again the three year olds will be free jumped in the jumping chute. Both groups are then turned out for the winter.

Four year olds are put in to full training and by mid-year they experience the show ring at unrated shows on limited basis.

Older horses and riders are also welcome at Red Top.

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