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Red Top Farm practices intensive pasture management. This practice guarantees that your retired horse has high quality grazing year round.

All retired horses are supplemented with Purina’s Equine Senior or Strategy, and mineral and vitamin supplements. Hay is provided in addition during winter months. Red Top keeps the groups small according to size of pasture with shelters and run-ins for every group. Stalls are available for those who choose to have their horses come in during the night. Every effort is made to find the group that each retired horse is compatible with. All groups are separated by sex. The staff at the farm has eyes on every horse daily and any changes in the horse’s health are dealt with immediately. Medication for horses that require special attention is given as directed.

Rehabilitation & Retirement

Red Top Farm’s veterinarian works closely with your vet to insure your horse’s speedy recovery and return to their discipline

Our staff is qualified to administer medications and procedures required. Because of DiAnn’s experience of over 52 years in the Hunter/Jumper industry as a professional rider and trainer of top horses and riders she is keenly aware of the importance of down time for the equine athlete. Not only in the form of R&R for both physical and mental health, which in turn, prolongs their competitive life, but the gradual and careful return to condition. Suspensory, tendon, colic surgery rehab and fatigue are some of the issues dealt with daily at the farm.