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Breeding & Foaling

Red Top Farm takes your broodmare through the breeding and foaling season.

Southern Equine Services handles fresh or frozen insemination as well as embryo transplant here at the farm for our clients. Designated areas on the farm are for breeding and foals only.

Mares that are ready to breed are palpated every six hours in order to establish the most opportunistic time for insemination. Every proven technology is used to increase the chance for a successful outcome.

Mares in foal are brought into the barn 30 days prior to foaling. During the day the mares that are soon to foal are turned- out in the smaller pastures close to their stalls. Foal alerts are used to help monitor the start of foaling and twenty –four hour watch by the staff is in place during the foaling season.

As soon as it is appropriate after foaling, quiet, hands on attention is given to the foal. This attention and handling is continued through-out their stay at the farm. The goal is to establish a relationship with the foal so he will feel confident in his surroundings and with people he encounters.